Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy new year, present well

Hoping this post finds you well, and that you are looking forward to a new year.

For many of us in the modern working world, who are blessed with:
  • Love of our family and friends
  • Good health
  • Freedom of expression and religion
  • Lack of want or fear
  • Steady employment
  • Health insurance
  • [insert the thing you’re thankful for here]
... the winter holidays bring some time off, and a chance to reflect on the past and consider the future. And so I ask you to reflect on the most important presentation that you made in 2009, and consider what you might change if you had a similar opportunity in 2010. What thing or things would you love to change, if you could? Would you:
  • Research more?
  • Prepare and practice more?
  • Use less slides? Or more slides?
  • Use more pictures and less words?
  • Use real objects instead of pictures?
  • Take the whole thing more and less seriously?
  • Turn off the projector?
  • Ask for help?
Whatever it may be, I hope 2010 brings better things for you and your loved ones.

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  1. Lovely post, happy new year to you too and to those who care about good communciation. Happy 2010!